I have an installation of Liferay that sits behind NAM. I can access the
Liferay portal via the web (intranet) address as well as directly
through the IP address of the Liferay portal.
My network folks tell me that accessing the Liferay portal through IP
address bypasses NAM, whereas when I access the Liferay portal through
the web (intranet) address, it goes through NAM authentication.

With that background, here is the problem I am facing.

When I access Liferay through NAM (web/intranet address) and try to
add/modify web pages, the edit mode opens with error in loading the
FCKEditor, shows a small text box, and does not allow me save any
changes I make. It shows me a "Page loaded with errors" status on the
browser status bar.

On the other hand, when I access Liferay portal directly through IP
address and try to add/modify pages, the FCKEditor loads just fine and I
can add/update webpages.

Anyone knows what is happening here, and how I can fix it, so that the
FCKEditor works even when I access the Liferay using the web address
(through NAM authentication)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

-Som G

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