I see the following error in the Identity server logs.

<msg>No Kerberos Principal found in the token</msg></amLogEntry>
<amLogEntry seq="2945" d="2012-02-13T15:47:57Z" lg="Application"
lv="SEVERE" th="18" ids="AM#200104112: AMDEVICEID#056E157F209175C2:
AMAUTHID#BF46E4CBA66A77C82F3B924F67C1EA69: " ><msg>No user matched in
the userstore(s)</msg></amLogEntry>

Kerberos works fine on the Primary identity server cluster. I verified
that the settings are similar to the primary identity server,
passwordfetch class is specified. The keytab is identical to the primary
IDS (with a different name), and all other settings are similar. Unable
to figure out what is happening.

Any inputs would be welcome.


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