I am getting 'Server not reporting' under Health for instances of both
the Identity server cluster and the Access Gateway server.
I don't see any logs pertaining to this in the catalina.out of LAG or
stdout of the Identity server, both being tomcat instances.
Nothing shows up in laghttpheaders, ics_dyn.log of LAG either.
I restarted the novell vmc using /etc/init.d/novell-vmc restart. Also
rebooted the LAG server after that to see if it would fix it.

I restarted Tomcat on both the servers, but still the health is not
turning to green, and the Command Status shows a whole bunch of commands
in Pending mode.
I did a repush of current configuration on the LAG, also revalidated
certificates and trusted roots from under Troubleshooting, but all those
repush and import certs. commands end up showing as Pending under
Command Status panel.

I tried deleting all the Pending Commands under Command Status and then
updating the health from the server, but no use.

Has anyone run into a similar situation before?


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