Hi all,

one of our users are unable to use SSO (not authorized error message).
We do not see anything special about this user, but we are able to find
the following in the ics_dyn.log file when this user tries to access the
protected resource (IDM User App):

Mar 7 11:58:12 hictatriuapl002v : AM#404520000:
*status:403* /0 clen:14496 *bypassH error:132* GET iam-ua.msnet.railb.be
/IDMProv/portal/cn/DefaultContainerPage/MyProfile UserApp
[> - -] [-] [startResp:0 duration:0
orig(con 0 resp 0) retry'0 0' [reqStart:2dea16:0S:-1:cache:0 0.0
resp:0-0] [rw:0 0-0] [orig: 0 0, 0,0]] srv:0x90e167d4->0xaad9c7d4/2
type:40200 pr:0x90e652a0 conil) ognil) (null) 0

The server seems to return a 403 status while the page is accessible to
him: when he logs in without using NAM (direct on IP), he can see the
The logline above also lists *bypassH error:132*. I am however unable
to find what this means.


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