Hello Community,

I'm trying to put Password Expiration Servlet in NAM SP3 for UserAPP
4.01 with the following Cool Solution:


but i can't get that the nam redirects to "change password page" ONLY
that, without a menus surround him.
I had done that with UserAPP 3.6.1 and UserAPP 3.7 with the followings
passwords expiration servlets:

-> in userapp 3.6.1

-https://<DOMAIN>/IDMProv/portal/cn/DefaultContainerPage/MyProfile?forceAuth=TRUE&idp_return_url=<RETURN_UR L>&dn=<USERID>&store=<STOREID>
-> in userapp 3.7

but in UserApp SP4 this not happen. In addition with the following url
in my <DOMAIN>:

- https://<DOMAIN>/IDMProv/changePwd.do

i have the page what i want, but when i change the password in it, this
not redirect to the portal default page.

Finally i put the touch file of the next url:


But nothings happen.

I await your reply, best regards,

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