dei3400 wrote:

> Hello!
> I've set up a remote IDP using SAML2 (3.1sp4) and I can protect a
> resource if I set the authentication procedure to "Any contract" and
> if I know the URL to the remote IDP. How do I specify my remote IDP as
> required method? Do I somehow create a new class/method/contract with
> info of the remote IDPs URL so that the user gets transferred to that
> login screen if not already authenticated?

So just to confirm to make sure we understand your requirement.

You have a protected resource called and you want to
use an external IDP from another company (lets say companyX) to be able
use a federated signon to it?

So a user from CompanyX browses to and he/she then
should be redirected to the IDP at CompanyX? Is this correct?