MatthewEhle wrote:

> ashmoore;2198526 Wrote:
> > Does anyone know if is possible to upgrade - or at least migrate
> > from 3.1.4 LAGs etc to the appliance version of 3.2
> > Right now we have two clustered lags, primary Identity server and
> > one backup.
> > All that means that we have four servers that are barely breathing
> > and so much overkill.
> > It looks like I can retain all the clustering I need by using the
> > appliance, I just don't see any migration.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Mike

> You have to rebuild the server with the new appliance, but it's not
> too bad. If you want to use the same hardware, you can just delete
> the LAG out of the admin console and rebuild it with the new ISO.

I'd be very careful with that. If you have a cluster with a single
server in a cluster and you delete that server its bye bye

> Then it will import itself, and you can put it back into the cluster
> as a 3.2 MAG. That's pretty close to what I did (except I ended up
> going with newer hardware). The most work is in getting your IP
> addresses back on and assigning them to the correct reverse proxies.
> Everything else is pretty much automatic.

Its easier to just leave the server object in the cluster and then
it'll just inherit the config and you don't have to modify anything.