sttennant wrote:

> Hi,
> We currently Single-Sign on to Blackboard by using a reverse proxy and
> form-filling the login page (a typical configuration I think).
> However, proxying Blackbaord this way has caused a number of issues
> in the past. Our Blackboard guys would be interested in configuring
> Blackboard to federate authentication to Access Manager, in much the
> same way that Google can be configured (there is a Cool Solution for
> this), rather than using the proxy approach. However we are not
> sure how to do it. Blackboard seems to support Shibboleth, but we do
> not particularly want to set Blackboard up to be a full-blown
> Shibboleth service provider. We just want to configure Blackboard to
> direct (i.e. federate) authentication to Access Manager using SAML.
> Blackboard currently runs on Windows 2008 R2, 64-bit, and uses
> IIS7.5. Does anyone have any experience of this?
> The solution should require as little bespoke coding as possible
> because Blackboard may not support any configuration.
> For Google, we simply enabled the SSO option, specified a Sign-In Page
> URL and Sign-Out page URL, exchanged the Meta data, uploaded a
> certificate and that was it on the Google side. We then configured a
> corresponding SAML assertion on Access Manager and that was it. We
> did not need to set Google up to be a service provider for example.
> Everything was configurable on one page.
> Is there something similar we can do for Blackboard?
> Any advice would be welcome.

I'd say you'll have to ask the people behind Blackboard unfortunately.
Setting up shibboleth isn't all that hard. I do admit, it does require
a bit of reading and trial and error but once you got the hang of it
its reasonably straight forward (well...honestly, i've only done a
Shibboleth IDP, not a SP)