adamdn01 wrote:

> Hi all,
> This may be a novice question--sorry--but I am fairly new to AM. I've
> taken training, but have done very little with it so far.
> I have a request to proxy the root of a new domain to a specific path
> of another. Surely AM can do this (even Apache can), but I'm not
> having much luck figuring it out. I was looking at redirecting and
> then doing HTML rewrite, but I'm even having trouble getting that to
> rewrite anything.
> In other words, I'm trying to proxy like this:
> ->
> Anyone have any suggestion?

As Kevin already said, it can definily be done. We actually do it with
our own deployment. We have a base URL. Something like:

On this domain we have things like:

These appA, appB etc are all on different webservers. Once you've
created the base/master proxy (whatever you want to call it) you can
create a new proxy service where you can select its a path based
multi-homing type. Additionally you can add a alternative name in for
the webserver but as Kevin pointed out if the pages contain links to
other internal webservers other than the original web server you can
rewrite those. You can also choose to have the path removed when the
request is being send on to the webserver.

Let us know if you have more questions.