On 2008-06-03 21:15:16 +0000, David Gersic said:

> On Tue, 03 Jun 2008 17:26:01 GMT, khamil
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>> Can someone explain what modifications were needed to the PeopleSoft
>> configuration, so that PeopleSoft can be configured to work behind the
>> web proxy?

> This should be in the PeopleSoft manuals. I know when we did it, once I
> found out what it was I was looking for, our DBAs knew about it and the
> docs cover how to do it. I don't recall the exact wording, but it was
> listed under how to run the application server behind a web proxy.
> Checking my notes, for PeopleTools 8.1x, you need to modify something
> called PT_SAVEWARNINGSCRIPT and comment out a few lines of code that are
> responsible for checking the IP address of the cookie.
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Can you provide any more details on this?


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke