sudarshan pvg wrote:

> aaronsayer;2201765 Wrote:
>> Hi
>> Have a look at 3.1 SP2 Access Gateway doco
>> 'Novell Documentation'

>> Its pretty simple.

> Hi
> Thanks for suggesting the documents. but still i have a doubt that how
> to add parameter to the URL.
> I edited the logoutSuccess.jsp page and put one if/else rule that if
> the DNS name will pass through this pages it should be
> redirected that request to (my custom logout
> page). But it is not happening properly , first NAM default logout page
> is coming and then after refreshing the browser it is going to my logout
> page.
> kindly suggest if i have to correct something in my configuration.
> Thanks
> susil

There's a couple of ways for this.
One is to get the referer header. This will contain the URL of whatever
site that the user was last at. Which would be the site that called the

Secondly you can pass a parameter when nesp/plogout is called, like

You can then grab MySite from the referer URL and use that.

Take a look at this Cool Solution also.