On 2012-06-22 00:56:02 +0000, aaronsayer said:

> Nothing that Im aware of.
> However all the information should be available via LDAP queries.
> You could write a script to map it out.
> For example, an LDAP query:
> BASEDN: o=novell
> Filter: (objectClass=nidsAuthLocalContract)
> Attributes: nidsDisplayName, nidsAuthMethodSetDNList
> Will give you a list of the Contracts and a link to the Method it uses.
> BASEDN: o=novell
> Filter: (objectClass=nidsAuthMethod)
> Attributes: nidsDisplayName, nidsAuthClassDN
> Will give you a list of Methods and the related Auth Class
> Im pretty sure if you spend some time you could figure out what you
> need.

I also think this is something that is needed.
I am often asked about this or that part of NAM and the only way to
realy figure it out is from the console.
Sure, I am condifent I could do all the LDAP stuff and figure it out,
but it would take many, many wueries and also a lot of coding as a lot
of the stuff is stored as various GUIDs.

Sure would like to see a report that could be generated form the console.

Also it woudl be nice to be able to copy - paste - export - import any
single (or mutiple porxy).

Like from QA to production environments.


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke