On 6/21/2012 10:56 PM, andy wu wrote:
> What's different with Cloud Security Services & Access Gateway for Cloud
> & Access Manager

I am not sure what Cloud Security Services is, but it looks like a NetIQ
product, pre-Novell acquisition.

Access Manager is a web proxy, that does Single Sign on, using data from
a directory. Can do form fills, inject data, SAML, Federation of many
types, has an SSL VPN in it.

Access GateWay for Cloud is a new product that mashes up IDM, NAM, and
some clever bits to give you an appliance that looks at your say AD,
uses that as a user store, then you point it at your Salesforce.com or
Google Apps domain/app and it then provisions your users in (IDM part of
it) and if you give them the appliances URL then it does SSO for them
into the applications.