sttennant wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a minor issue proxying Blackboard 9 SP8 (which we did not have
> with an earlier SP). We have SSL between the browser and Access
> Manager and non-SSL to the origin web server. In other words we have
> configured Blackboard to not use SSL. Everything works fine except
> when we try to upload files to Blackboard using its Java plug-in for
> multiple files. When submitting the files for uploading the plug-in
> generates a URL for HTTP not HTTPS, and nothing happens - presumably
> because there is no connection on port 80 between the browser and
> Access Manager. How can I get the plug-in to rewrite HTTP to HTTPS?
> I have tried specifying additional DNS names in the HTML Rewriting
> tab (i.e. HTTP://<dns-name>).
> By the way, if I turn SSL off between the brwoser and Access Manager
> the plug-in works.
> I just need a way of telling the Java plug-in to generate HTTPS
> requests, not HTTP requests.

Thats inside java I guess....don't think that will be possible.