kjhurni wrote:

> ncalligaro;2203837 Wrote:
> > I saw that the Service version of Access Gateway does not have an
> > option to select wheather you want to connect to the backend web
> > servers using simple failover or round robin. I was told that Round
> > Robin was the default setting... I wonder if there is any
> > undocumented way to disable it so that it works as a simple
> > failover...
> >
> > Thanks in advance!

> Um, use the simple failover option instead?
> It's a pulldown menu item. The default is: Round Robin
> Just change it via the pulldown (at least in 3.1.4) to:
> Simple Failover
> Or am I missing what you're wanting to do?


it doesn't exist in the service apparently only in the appliance