kjhurni wrote:

> ncalligaro;2205625 Wrote:
> > I can't and I don't have any customer to support this feature
> > either. This question actually came to me from another partner who
> > is dealing with this scenario... He told me that he had already
> > open an SR and that Novell said that it was not possible although I
> > haven't actually seen the SR... I wanted to know if anyone else
> > had also came across this scenario and if there was any way around
> > it...

> I've been informed that with the 3.2 codebase, that you can do simple
> failover with the AGS and the docs are wrong.
> I didn't ask how to go about doing this, but that's the answer I got.

Hey Kev,

I just installed a 3.2 AGS in a lab and created an accelerator. When I
go into tcp connection options under the webserver config you can't
configure what type of failover you want so I really think its a
limitation of the AGS....