jkinney wrote:

> I have a few apps that I'm configuring to use with SAML via NAM
> authentication. These apps will require a different authentication
> method than the current default that is used by all of my other SSO
> enabled apps. Some of these apps also don't utilize the access
> gateway, so I need to configure the remote application to point to my
> login page, but force the radius authentication method. I would
> assume this could be done via a parameter or something in the URL,
> but I can't seem to figure out exactly what. Does anyone have any
> suggestions or ideas on how to accomplish this??

You can use it as Jim explained, the other way is a bit more elegant

When you configure a auth contract you can configure a ID. This ID
corrosponds with what Jim describes but if you leave it blank it'll be
a number. If you put something else in you can call that specific
contract by using: