rtruscot wrote:

> Hi All,
> Trying to get a NAM POC up running on Amazon Web Services using the
> SLES 11 64bit AMI.
> I have the IDP and admin consoles running on one machine (which seems
> to be working fine) and another machine running the AGW service.
> The AGW install process goes fine and imports into the console.
> The problem is that whenever the novell-apache2 process starts its
> immediately aborted. No useful messages in the apache log files. I
> have set the httpd.conf LogLevel to debug, again no indication as to
> whats happening in the log.
> I can see the following message in /var/log/messages
> Aug 7 02:29:51 agw2 kernel: [61138.966274] httpd[2785] general
> protection ip:7fa5d82aa958 sp:7fff8c0432c0 error:0 in
> mod_novell_ag.so.1.0.0[7fa5d8273000+49000]

I dont have a lot of experience troubleshooting the AG Service but can
you try /etc/init.d/novell-apache2 start debug

This should hopefully provide some more debug logging in either
/var/log/novell-ag-logs/ags-error.log or