mickers wrote:

> Hi all.
> I had a quick look and couldn't find anything on this.
> We run AM3.1 (soon to be 3.2 when I get the chance). It works great,
> with a login page used for authentication, fairly simple configuration
> with eDir as the user/credential source.
> We are starting a Sharepoint project, and I'd like to see if there's
> anyway to leverage our Workstation credentials (Win7SP1_64 with Novell
> client, ZCM11) to avoid the authentication popup/form to access
> Sharepoint, to avoid going down the whole 'need' to move all our
> devices into the AD Domain.
> Has anyone done this? We have an AD Domain already built, syncing
> with eDir via IDM.
> Any links to howto docs would be appreciated. I've already got the
> Novell/NetIQ docs, wading through them now.
> Thanks.

To add to Matthew's response, it all depends on how you want to
implement it. If you want sharepoint to sit behind NAM then SSO might
be a challenge, if you can browse to it directly then you can indeed
enable IWA on IIS and have the workstation send credentials

If you want to put Sharepoint behind NAM you could create a contract
that uses the kerberos auth class. You can then extract the password
using the password extract class from edirectory (there are some
requirements to be met to make this work) and then inject the username
and password and send them to the sharepoint server (again, more
specific requirement to be met here with sharepoint).

Let us know how you want to deploy sharepoint and we can point you in
the right direction hopefully.