Hello guys!

Does anybody try to integrate Access Manager with Novell Enhanced Smart
Card Method?

According to NAM documentation:
1) Successfully installed NESCM on eDirectory “User Store” and Windows
XP workstation. Configuration was tested with IAS workstation login.
Everything works fine;
2) Successfully installed necessary Class, Method and Contract on NAM;
3) Successfully assigned Contact to protected resource.

But, when I try to get protected with my “NESCM Contact” resource, I
get window with username prompt and after entering data I get an error
in NAM log:

INFO DeviceManager: AM#501201005: NMASAuthClass - UserID not found - getPrincipal() returned null.

In eDirectory's (User Store) dstrace I also have interesting thing:

Search request:
base: "o=novell"
scope:2 dereference:3 sizelimit:0 timelimit:0 attrsonly:0
filter: "(&(cn=null)(objectClass=User))"
attribute: "GUID"
attribute: "fullname"
attribute: "cn"

Please note for LDAP search filter with “cn=null”

Any ideas???

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