Hi there,

We have a login issue with iPads and Groupwise 2012 Webaccess and NAM
3.1. When an iPad or Android tab or smartphones are logging into
through NAM to GW webaccess to have to login twice. First login to NAM
and the second login to Webaccess, Windows users have to login once.
Within GW webaccess 2012 there are seperate templates for iPad and
Android tabs and smartphones. GW Webaccess recognizes the device or OS
(Windows, IOS, Android) and redirects to the right Webaccess interface.
The GW Webaccess URL is : https://servername/gw/webacc
The URL for iPad and Android tabs is:
The URL for smartphone is:

How can we configure NAM to solve a second login with NAM and GW


Ruud van der Zwet

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