Novell Access Manager 3.1 SP4

SAML2.0 Federation.

I have SAML2.0 IDP Initiated SSO is configured and working fine. (Identity Provider)
SalesForce ( Service Proivider)

When i click the URL

- It redirects to my default contract assigned where i login in.
- Once the Authentication is successfull it redirects to

Now i am looking for something like this

I want the users to access this through Access Gateway.

- Example: is configured as proxy
in AG
- When users access this AG proctect link
( it should redirect to the contract.
- Once the login is successfull it should redirect to SalesForce.

I am thinking of this option

- Create a proxy for the domain (
- Create public resource for /*
- And create the Authorization rule to redirect to the URL
- This way when user access it will
redirect to where it
will prompt for authentication.
- Once authentication is successful it will go to salesforce home

Is there is any better way to configure this?

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