Hello All,

This will be my first time posting so hopefully whoever is reading this
can bear with me.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been trying to setup SAML2 with a trusted
partner and unfortunately for me this process has been unsuccessful.
First week of testing i was unable to upload the trust partner's
metadata due to it being Malformed. However, that has been fixed. The
past two weeks I've been trying to configure NAM as the SP using SAML2.
The goal would be to allow the authenticated users (thru IDP) access to
our hosted application by setting up attribute set and configure
authorization by using the ROLES in NAM.

I have tried the article below and have been unsuccessful. If anyone
has any idea or clue of where i should start, please let me know.
Thanks All.


The error i keep getting is
Error:An Identity Provider response was received that failed to
authenticate this session. (300101041-73E1209002AC0C68)

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