Ok, after two days scratching my head on this I'm extremely frustrated
at this point. I've configured some pretty complex things on the LAG,
so why this task which is one of the simplest, isn't working, is
confusing me. I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing but if anyone
could shed light on something to try, please help. I've tried flipping
just about every switch I can think of.

Here's the deal:

I have several form fill policies on the default proxy service (ESB),
which also serves our Intranet. I mean basic, form policy matches on
form name, is tied to a URL policy that specifies the full path of the
form page, only a few form fill items, etc... Those all work fine.

So I just configured another proxy services and setup a VERY basic form,
two fill items, also matches to form name and a direct URL policy to the
form page. Only one form on the page. I set the auth procedure to our
default, same as the ESB proxy, and assigned the new form policy.
Nothing works. After trying everything, I even copied some of the forms
that work on the ESB to the new web server, and assigned the same
existing (working) policies, duplicating what works on the default
proxy, and nothing. In short, I can't seem to get ANY form fills to
happen on proxies other than our default! That can't be default
behavior is it?

Is there something basic that I'm missing? How can I troubleshoot this?
I enabled proxy logging and it doesn't show anything related to form
fill policies.

Any help would be appreciated!


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