sbalakumar;91008 Wrote:
> I have configured Password expiration servlet using "Configuring Access
> Manager for UserApp and SAML". I'm able to configure sso but
> redirecting
> to PasswordChange.jsf doesn't work first time. It displays error page
> in
> browser and if I refresh it seems to be working.I checked logs in LAG
> it has 302 redirect for PasswordChange.jsf. Logs for User application
> indicates it is redirecting
> [com.novell.afw.portal.aggregation.EboPortalAggrega tionHelper:sendRedirect]
> The request was redirected.
> [/IDMProv/jsps/pwdmgt/PostAuthCheck.jsf;jsessionid=1850D51AF9702BC139258 6AAA95F760C]
> Can someone help me fix this issue.
> Thanks
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> sbalakumar
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What versions of the code are you using?

Meaning: NAM 3.1.4 or NAM 3.2?
what versions of UserApp are you using?
3.6.1 or 4.0.1

It makes a difference which items you're using if you want to configure
it properly (we found out the hard way that Novell "forgot" to test
their own products together).

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