We have the following situation in an Access Manager 3.2 environment:

1. Users have access to an application through the URL
https://app2.domain.com. The IP address corresponding to this DNS name
belongs to an F5 device that redirects the request to
https://app2.domain.com:10053, which is how it is configured the proxy
service corresponding to this application.

2. The request arrives at the LAG which verify that user is not this
authenticated and through the proxy that acts as ESP
(https://app1.domain.com in this case) sends the authentication request
to the IDS.

3. The user authenticates successfully and again through the ESP should
be redirected to the original URL but instead is redirected to the URL
configured in the LAG for the application

4. This URL is not accessible to users who must access through port 443
and receives a "Not found" error.

Is this normal behavior? Is there some workaround?

Many thanks,

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