I'm running a fresh install of NAM 3.2 Appliance (3.2.1-57 according to
the Dashboard, single box) and we're in the process of migrating
Groupwise to Exchange 2010.

I'm trying to get Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Exchange Activesync (EAS)
working through NAM. The NAM manual has information on OWA, but it looks
like this is for an older version of Exchange. I managed to get it
working using a form fill, combining the information from the manual
with my own digging through html source for the OWA login page. However,
after logging in OWA seems to function only half, with occasional popups
that break the interface and errors about notifications not being

Then there's Activesync, on which I haven't been able to find much
information at all.

Has anyone managed to get this working properly? I would love some
pointers to get me going in the right direction. I don't have a lot of
NAM experience, so that doesn't help the troubleshooting efforts either.

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