I think there's like 3 options, but I'm sure more.


Poorly written webapps that when you click the "logout" link, take you
BACK to the same login page.

Problem: With NAM formfill, it'll re-login again and you can never

Option #1: Get webapp re-written to not do this. Not very easy

Option #2: Write your own .html page that says something like: You've
been logged out, click "here" to login again and then have NAM do a
redirect or something so that when it sees the logout it'll take you to
the OTHER .html you made? Cons are that you have to write one for each
page and possibly stick the .html file on some other server (if you
don't have access to the web server).

Option #3: Is there a way to have NAM simply use some sort of internal
page and kinda write the .html on the fly?

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