I'm running a 3.1SP4 setup on SLES11_64. Admin/IDP on one virtual box,
AG on a physical box.
Trying to do the in-place upgrade to 3.2SP1.

When I run the upgrade.sh script on the Admin/IDP box, I see this:

1. Access Manager Administration Console
2. Identity Server

Do you want to upgrade the above components (y/n)? y:

Would you like to continue this upgrade (y/n)? : y

Enter the Access Manager Administration Console user ID :admin

Enter the Access Manager Administration Console password:
Re-enter the password for verification:
Stopping Access Manager services...
Upgrading platforms...
Upgrading jdk:
Upgrading Tomcat:novell-tomcat7 0 : off 1 : off 2 : off 3
: off 4 : off 5 : off 6 : off


Starting Administration Console upgrade...
Installing Adminconsole tomcat configuration rpm:
Upgrading Novell iManager:
To install the administrative plug-ins, the Tomcat server must
successfully start at least once. This has been attempted but for some
reason restart failed. Fix the problem and press any key to continue.

Terminating the installation...
I can't see anything in log files (/tmp/novell access manager/)
I know when I go looking that /etc/init.d/novell-tomcat5 still exists,
and there is no start script reference to novell-tomcat7, although an
'rpm -qa|grep tomcat' shows tomcat 7 is installed.

Does anyone have a place I can start to look?
Michael Mollard

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