Hello! There is a problem that Access Manager causes. There is Identity
Manager portal (User Application). And there is a iFrame link in there.
I would like users to see iManager frame inside UserApplication when
they click on that iFrame link. Everything is fine until I add Access
Manager in this process. The problem that erases is that when users
click on iFrame link the whole UA page is redirected to iManager page.
And Access Manager is the cause of this strange behaviour.
I created corresponding thread on the IDM forum (nobody responsed) and
also created a SR #10807589501. But for SR there is no support for
Access Manager.
I used evaluation version of Access Manager.
Any help will be appreciated!

Also post the whole post from IDM forum:
Initial conditions:
There is a custom iFrame page inside UA. It is a "Create User
Certificate" iManager portlet and its url is
https://ip:8843/nps/servlet/frameser...epeatable=true .

Also I have an iFrame portlet inside UA that logs out from iManager. It
finishes the iManager session. Its url is
https://is:8843/nps/servlet/portalservice?fw.exit=true . I called it
"finish session" portlet. (In this case I don't need any authentication.
It just logs out)

Both portlets were configured according to this documentation
http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7007403 . But "finish
session" portlet doesn't contain any post parameters in its portlet
preference. Only url.

Everything works fine!

Then we setup Access Manager. And now it is not possible to access
iManager directly, only through Access Manager. Now the URL of UA is
https://dns/idm. And URL of iManager is https://dns/nps.
So, "Create User Certificate" iManager portlet works fine. But "finish
session" portlet does its work - it logs out from iManager session. It
is ok. But "finish session" portlet also redirect the whole UA page to
IManager page. So, when I click on "finish session" portlet then the
whole page is changed to iManager page (not just iFrame).
Somehow the fact that now it is only possible to get iManager through
AccessManager leeds to this strange situation.

Is there a way to avoid the behavior when I totally chage the page
addresss while clicking the iFrame that doesn't have any authentication

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