Will someone please kindly explain the option to "Allow pages to be
cached by the browser" withn Access Manager. I think I understand the
basics of browser caching. However, I am a bit confused as to the
presence of the option to "Allow pages to be cached by the browser" in
Access Manager. Why do we need this option - surely this is up to the
web application to decide. If the cache-control says "no-cache" then it
is not cached. If the web server uses Etags then these should be
forwarded to the browser. Why are these only forwarded when this option
is selected? Also can someone explain what the documentation for this
option means when it says "When this option is enabled, the no-cache and
no-store headers are not injected into the HTTP header" - does this mean
these controls are stripped out or not added? This seems like an
important option and I think the explanation in the documentation is not

Anyone willing to explain the point of this option to me please?

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