Hi guys,

we have 10 reverse proxy service configured on 2 Access Gateways, like

-Application_A listen on port 10018
-Application_B listen on port 10019
and so on...

and 2 Identity Server.

Every reverse proxy service works fine. With hosts file modified on the
client, If I call one of these application directly on the Access
Gateway, I'm redirect to the login page. After checked my credentials,
I'm redirect to the application.
Now we have introduced a Load Balancer between end user and Access
Gateways. Load Balancer has 2 Virtual IP, one for the 2 Identity Server
and one for the 2 Access Gateways. The Access Gateways VIP listen on
port 80 and redirect the traffic to the right application, for an

Application_A:80 --> Load Balancer --> Application_A:10018

Now we have the problem. After authentication process, end user is
redirected to the Application_A:10018 because for Access Manager target
is Application_A:10018 and not Application_A:80.

Application_A:10018 --> Load Balancer --> Error - Load Balancer doesn't
listen on port 10018.

How we can resolve this issue?

thanks in advance.

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