Hi , everyone~~
I got some problem when I tring to Localizing and Customizing the Error
Messages on the Access
Gateway Appliance(version 3.1.3) .

For example:
Here is my error messages config-file ErrorPagesConfig.xml ,and the
client header is like some "Accept-Language: zh-CN"
<Profile name = “English” enable = “1” fileXn = “en”>
<header value = “en-us” />
<header value = “en-uk” />
<header value = “en-any” />
<header value = “any” />
<Profile name = “zh” enable = “1” fileXn = “zh”>
<header value = “zh-CN” />
<header value = “zh-any” />

I modified the statement of the ErrorMessages.xml.zh file for test .
<Message id="89" name="LOC_HOST_HEADER_NOT_MATCHING" enable="yes">
<EnglishMessage>Host name received is not for this web site.
<TranslatedMessage>警告 Host name received
is not for this web site. </TranslatedMessage>
After above work, I try to access ACCESS gateway's ip to get a
LOC_HOST_HEADER_NOT_MATCHING message(Status: 403 Forbidden).
But the chinese string shown not clearly(shown as some bad sting(here
instead print by 口口)),as flowing:

Status: 403 Forbidden
Description:口口 Host name received is notfor this web
If this condition persists, please contact the helpdesk.

Any suggestion will be good ,thanks.

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