I have NAM configured to act as Service Provider with SAML2. The owner
of the Identity Provider has requested that we send a custom value for
saml:AuthnContextClassRef in our authentication request. Something


<samlp:RequestedAuthnContext Comparison="exact">
<saml:AuthnContextClassRef>urn:example:names:idm:f oo:saml2.0:ac:classes:FooEnhancedAuthentication</saml:AuthnContextClassRef>


Is this possible in NAM? It looks like there are six available types
(Name Password, Secure Name Password, X509) and I haven't been able to
identify a way to add more.

I can use Contracts instead of types and it is possible to add custom
Contracts however the Authentication Request then uses
AuthnContextDeclRef which is not what the third party wants from us.

Can I do what they want in NAM? How?


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