NAM 3.1.4
We have 2 AG + 2 IDS and 2 Adminconsole

We have a monitoring tool "Nagios" which is configured to check staus
of a AG eg:
This will monitor and report if it is not responding, which means only
when all the 2 AG cluster member goes down it will trigger alert. But is
there is any way to monitor using the third part tool like Nagios to
monitor the health status of each cluster member?
I know we have the Dashboard in Admin Console to monitor the health
status of each cluster member, but it means some to keep eye on it

We are monitoring the processes of AG or IDS using Nagios, but if in
case the JCC communication boke between AG and Admin Console this does
not report since the processes are alive.

I tried using the IP Address but it dint help it throwed me an error
Status: 403 Forbidden
Description: Host name received is not for this
web site

Any idea how to monitor it?

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