Hi All,
I've configured a reverse proxy service to publish NetStorage webdav

I've defined to resources:
1) https://dnsname1/oneNet/NetStorage to publish only webdav (for
webfolder access)
2) https://dnsname2/NetStorage to publish Netstorare via web

I've configure NetStorage like in the coolsolution

The access to NetStorage via web works correctly (the resource is
protected with form/based contract and the SSO using Identity Injection
works correctly)
The access to webdav via web or via webfolder don't work (the resource
is protected with "non redirect login" form/based contract and the SSO
using Identity Injection doesn't works correctly). In laghttpheaders I
can see that the credentials are sent correctly to /oneNet/NetStorage

Do you know why I've this different action?

NAM is 3.1.4
NetStorage is on OES11SP1


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