We have a NAM 3.2.1 server that is protecting a web resource,
dev.hosted.ourdomain.com. We also have sslvpn enabled for that
resource, dev.hosted.ourdomain.com/sslvpn

What I am trying to do is set up a link in our website that point to our
sslvpn URL that users can click on to be automatically authenticated
using their current credentials. When I try it I get the following

"SSL VPN Error : SSL VPN Gateway requires authentication for this
If this condition persists, please contact your network administrator."

Looking at the basic configurations it looks like it should work to me
but not having ever set up sslvpn or this type of relationship through
NAM I'm not sure if I am missing something.

Does anyone know if this should work or what I might need to look at to
make it work?

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