Using NAM 3.1 we have an application that was previously protected using
an internal eDir LDAP for authentication. That application has been
rolled into a large collective of applications that are to leverage an
external authentication source source federation and SAML 2.0.

We have set up the federation part of NAM successfully. Users can
navigate to the application and then when trying to sign-in they are
taken to the proper external authentication page via our LAG.

The problem we are facing is once the user successfully authenticates
using the external authentication source and we receive the SAML token
we would like to inject various attribute values into a custom header
for consumption by the application from the SAML token values. The
protected application requires certain values to be provided for
authorization purposes but since the authenticated user does not reside
in our environment, only in the federated environment, we are having
some issues providing those values through a typical header injection

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