We are in the process of migrating from iChain to Access Manager 3.2.

In iChain we have path-based multi-homing with an accelerator like

iChain is configured to remove the /app from the request to the
webserver and also it's configured with two protected resources
(https://intranet/app/login1.aspx and https://intranet/app/login.aspx)
that inject some values to the URL Query String. The values for
login1.aspx are different from the login2.aspx values.

In Access Manager we have configure path-base multi-homing with a root
proxy service (https://intranet) and some child proxy services (like

We have configured the Remove option to strip "/app" from the request to
the webserver but then we can't configure more than one path and
therefore we can't assign different protected resources for login1.aspx
and login2.aspx with different identity injection policies.

I'm sure that it can be done, but I can't find the most "elegant"
solution. Any idea?

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