I am trying to hit my protected resource and getting "Access forbidden!"
on back log i found bellow exception.
I have following configuration:
using 2 user store
1 for eDirectory SSL enabled
1 for Sun One

amLogEntry> 2013-06-24T18:04:51Z DEBUG NIDS Application:
Method: PasswordMush.mushToClear
Thread: RMI TCP Connection(1)-
Attempting to decrypt user store password for NAM Version 3.1.1
Exception message: "Given final block not properly padded"
DashoA13*.., Line: -1, Method: b
DashoA13*.., Line: -1, Method: b
DashoA13*.., Line: -1, Method: engineDoFinal
DashoA13*.., Line: -1, Method: doFinal
y, Line: 529, Method: F
y, Line: 2883, Method: mushToClear
y, Line: 159, Method: createUserStore
y, Line: 2870, Method: createUserStore
y, Line: 1898, Method: loadAuthorities
y, Line: 283, Method: getTrustedProvider
y, Line: 2354, Method: A
y, Line: 3279, Method: A
y, Line: 1857, Method: loadMe
y, Line: 728, Method: initialize
y, Line: 945, Method: B
y, Line: 2070, Method: A
y, Line: 1421, Method: hardInitialize
y, Line: 1385, Method: A
y, Line: 2353, Method: start
y, Line: 1573, Method: doCommand
y, Line: 1310, Method: doCommand
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java, Line: -2, Method: invoke0
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java, Line: 39, Method: invoke
DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java, Line: 25, Method: invoke
Method.java, Line: 597, Method: invoke
UnicastServerRef.java, Line: 305, Method: dispatch
Transport.java, Line: 159, Method: run
AccessController.java, Line: -2, Method: doPrivileged
Transport.java, Line: 155, Method: serviceCall
TCPTransport.java, Line: 535, Method: handleMessages
TCPTransport.java, Line: 790, Method: run0
TCPTransport.java, Line: 649, Method: run
ThreadPoolExecutor.java, Line: 886, Method: runTask
ThreadPoolExecutor.java, Line: 908, Method: run
Thread.java, Line: 662, Method: run

I am unable find out why this issue.


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