After updating to AM 3.2 SP2 the SSLVPN Logout redirects to an other
proxy service.
This other services is the first service in the list, which has "remove
path on fill" activated. So if i deactivate this service, it will
redirected to the next service in the list with the same selected

[10:37:03.293] GET [HTTP/1.1
304 Not Modified 74ms]
[10:37:07.438] GET
[HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 104ms]
[10:37:07.439] GET [HTTP/1.1 304
Not Modified 122ms]
[10:37:10.496] GET [HTTP/1.1 302 Found
[10:37:10.583] GET [HTTP/1.1
*404* Not Found 81ms]

But it should:
[10:37:10.583] GET

So this is very weird, cause everything worked fine before the update
and in the SSLVPN JSP for the Logout the code is:

response.setHeader ("Location", "/AGLogout");
response.setStatus (HttpServletResponse.SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY);

This should be a absolut path, and not a relative to the mentioned


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