I am getting some issue which surprised me.
I have protected a url for login page, login page loads and accept
credentials, now after authentication access manager should have to
redirect the request to configured web server and should load index
page, but here i am getting novell authenticated page which shows "You
session is authenticated for 120 minutes" instead of redirecting to web
server page.

my configuration is as:
access gateway : mylogin.company.com
protected resouce: /loginModule/*
Web server configured: : 443 port (SSL) or 80 without SSL
URL for login page:https://mylogin.company.com/loginModule/Login

now hitting this url getting login page.
after providing credentials, access manager should redirect request to
web server and load index page but i am getting here novell
authentication page which shows "You session is authenticated for 120
minutes" (means credentials matched and login successfull) instead of
https://mylogin.company.com/welcome/welcome.html by webserver.

using IIS for web server.

i am not sure what is the issue.
any buddy can help to know the issue.


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