I am having trouble installing a secondary admin console. I'm
installing access manager version 3.04 (very old, I know). on SLES 9.
I've done this before successfully.

Anyway, when I install the secondary server, I'm having all kinds of

When it installs, it hangs on the 3rd step (setting up novell access
manager configuration store ) for hours before showing this error on the

sed: can't read /tmp/nids_inst_bind_rest.ldif: No such file or

It continues with all other steps being successful, but at the end it
directs me to a log file at

I open that and I get a connection refused trying to connect to
edirectory (ldap) running on my local IP. So I guess that edirectory
isn't installing right, or isn't starting up. So I look at the
edirectory install log and see a bunch of suspicious errors. They are
below in order of occurrence in the log:

Error getting the server's state. Error description: no referrals.
Unable to add a replica of the partition on this server. Run
ConsoleOne/iManager to add a replica.

Configuring MNAS service... Failed to configure MNAS service: invalid
connection handle err=-676

Error -676: An error has occurred while configuring the NMAS component
of Novell eDirectory Server.
Authentication failed for cn=My User Name error: failed, no referrals

On screen, I also sometimes get an error about time synchronization
between the two servers. Both are running NTP so if that's not
synchronizing the time I don't know what else would....

If I look at the edirectory tree on the primary server via an LDAP
browser, I do see three entries corresponding to my server:

cn=myserver.fqdn - treename

I have to delete these each time I try to re-run the install. I'm also
doing the force uninstall each time I retry. OpenLDAP server is NOT
installed. Client is, though.

Also, I did read in the requirements for a secondary console that it
should be on the same subnet as the primary. This secondary console is
NOT on the same subnet because it's intent is to replace the primary
after it's build, as I posted here: http://tinyurl.com/pdee5hg

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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