Hello everyone!

In this case I configered the ids as idp to handle saml2 request from
app(a workday system).
It showed that the IDS could not parse the reqeust string ,so failed to
deal the reqeust.
---------------------Error message

<amLogEntry> 2013-09-12T10:07:03Z DEBUG NIDS Application:
Method: NIDPProxyableServlet.myDoGetWithProxy
Thread: http-
****** HttpServletRequest Information:
Method: POST
Scheme: https
Context Path: /nidp
Servlet Path: /saml2
Query String: null
Path Info: /sso
Server Name: testids.haier.net
Server Port: 8443
Content Length: 2744
Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Auth Type: null
Request URL: https://testids.haier.net:8443/nidp/saml2/sso
Host IP Address:
Remote Client IP Address:
Cookie: (0 of 2): JSESSIONID, D5064E579C7379C183DED2EA5CF34E8F
Cookie: (1 of 2): cid, fwAAAVIwLukaA71RA+imAg
Header: Name: accept, Value: image/jpeg, application/x-ms-application,
image/gif, application/xaml+xml, image/pjpeg, application/x-ms-xbap,
application/vnd.ms-excel, application/vnd.ms-powerpoint,
application/msword, */*
Header: Name: referer, Value:
Header: Name: accept-language, Value: zh-CN
Header: Name: user-agent, Value: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0;
Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR
3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.2)
Header: Name: content-type, Value: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Header: Name: accept-encoding, Value: gzip, deflate
Header: Name: host, Value: testids.haier.net:8443
Header: Name: content-length, Value: 2744
Header: Name: connection, Value: Keep-Alive
Header: Name: cache-control, Value: no-cache
Header: Name: cookie, Value:
Session Id: D5064E579C7379C183DED2EA5CF34E8F
Session Last Accessed Time: 1378980182604

<amLogEntry> 2013-09-12T10:07:03Z DEBUG NIDS Application: AM#600105011:
IDP saml2 handler to process request received for /nidp/saml2

<amLogEntry> 2013-09-12T10:07:03Z DEBUG NIDS Application:
Method: CacheMap.A
Thread: http-

Retrieval of object com.novell.nidp.servlets.NIDPServletSession@dbeb32
from cache session succeeded using key D5064E579C7379C183DED2EA5CF34E8F.
Cache size is 1

<amLogEntry> 2013-09-12T10:07:03Z VERBOSE NIDS Application: Session has
consumed authentications: false </amLogEntry>

<amLogEntry> 2013-09-12T10:07:03Z VERBOSE NIDS Application: Input param
url: /haier1/fx/home.flex :: web.xml param value to decode: false

<amLogEntry> 2013-09-12T10:07:03Z DEBUG NIDS SAML2:
Method: SAML2Profile.traceMessage
Thread: http-

************************* SAML2 POST message

Type: received
RelayState: /haier1/fx/home.flex
�r���r�����陞�}v�>/��U�2s�����ե�K�0γ����^����8 �F�.N��_�_�A'M�9��(ӂ k��>q�TǨ�
8G��n��k��A�՜&I�b�@�8a>z�� ho����`�"�o����8 �ԟ8� ��CL�
G�΁0n���ց���ɪ��b�e&�c���Q�u�1��eW�U�� g�
************************* End SAML2 message
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character:
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 
Ignoring invalid XML character: 

<amLogEntry> 2013-09-12T10:07:03Z WARNING NIDS SAML2: Exception message:
"Content is not allowed in prolog."
y, Line: 2527, Method: A
y, Line: 2001, Method: parse
y, Line: 544, Method: documentFromString
y, Line: 2423, Method: handleInBoundMessage
y, Line: 3450, Method: processSSOEndpoint
y, Line: 2414, Method: A
y, Line: 433, Method: handleRequest
y, Line: 425, Method: handleRequest
y, Line: 3341, Method: myDoGet
y, Line: 1620, Method: doGet
y, Line: 1435, Method: doPost
HttpServlet.java, Line: 647, Method: service
HttpServlet.java, Line: 729, Method: service
ApplicationFilterChain.java, Line: 269, Method: internalDoFilter
ApplicationFilterChain.java, Line: 188, Method: doFilter
PortalFilter.java, Line: 65, Method: doFilter
ApplicationFilterChain.java, Line: 215, Method: internalDoFilter
ApplicationFilterChain.java, Line: 188, Method: doFilter
StandardWrapperValve.java, Line: 213, Method: invoke
StandardContextValve.java, Line: 172, Method: invoke
StandardHostValve.java, Line: 127, Method: invoke
ErrorReportValve.java, Line: 117, Method: invoke
y, Line: 671, Method: invoke
StandardEngineValve.java, Line: 108, Method: invoke
CoyoteAdapter.java, Line: 174, Method: service
Http11Processor.java, Line: 879, Method: process
Http11BaseProtocol.java, Line: 665, Method: processConnection
PoolTcpEndpoint.java, Line: 528, Method: processSocket
LeaderFollowerWorkerThread.java, Line: 81, Method: runIt
ThreadPool.java, Line: 689, Method: run
Thread.java, Line: 662, Method: run

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