I have this scenario.
1. Several public sites protected (No User management) by an AM cluster.
Each sites have its own functionality
2. Need to recognized the user, using a Cookie, independent of the site
3. Cannot touch some backends.
4. Each site will take decisions based on information in the cookie
(rules differs from site to site, Ej. Query string in some sites and
HTTP Headers in other)

The way I found to manage the cookie, is to have a centralized location,
where the cookie is generated or queried one time per visit. An
authorization policy redirects the request to this location and then its
redirect to the original URL, similar on how the NAM login page works.

I still have two problems:
1. How to have the information of the cookie available to other
policies? I just found that an external data policy just can use
parameters based on an authenticated principal or the page URL.
2. How to control the session on the authorization policy, in order to
make the redirect just the first time the user visit the site, and do
not do the redirection on next requests (until browser is closed)

It is any way to solve this with Access Manager?


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