Attempting to POST to a NAM protected resource, from an ADFS
Authenticated session. Goal: Allow Federation between NAM and ADFS to
validate that the posting user is already authenticated to ADFS, and
that the POST should be processed by the NAM protected resource without
any additional logins.

This seems to be standard, available behavior, and I've setup according
to this link/document, beginning on page 10 with the establishment of
NAM as a relying Party and ADFS as the IDP.

This doc has specific instructions based on specific sample web-servers,
and specific claims which I'm not sure match my situation, so I need the
concept made generic.

Are there Any better, more complete documents than the one linked above,
which I might use to model my deployment on?

Some details, if they'll help you offer a suggestion:

The authenticated ADFS user will correspond to an Edirectory user in the
NAM User Store. They will match on emailAddress.

I have the protected resource under an authentication contract that is
for ADFS. Correct approach?

Am I mucking up something in the Federation Trust?
Am I mucking up something in the Auth Contract
Am I mucking something in the claims rules on the ADFS system?
What SHOULD I be sending from NAM to identify the user to ADFS... or is
this done automatically by the browser session?

We get errors that authentication to ADFS has failed (in the browser),
but not much detail in the stderr file, or in debug files on the ADFS
system. (Note: It is hilarious that as you turn on debug for the ADFS
system, it tells you, "Some events will be missed and not captured if
you set this to debug level." )