I'm trying to place a handful of access-control-allow headers into the
response back to the client. The only way I was able to do this is to
enable mod_headers and using -Header set <HeaderKey> "<HeaderValue>"- on
the apache2 httpd.conf file. Problem is that, this works not only for
the proxy of interest, but ALL proxies that's lives on that Access

What I want to do is set the headers for a single proxy. I tried adding
it to the apache2/vhosts.d/<ProxyName>.conf file, but these files are
generated dynamically every time an updated is pushed on the Admin
Console. In turn, it wipes out any changes I made to those .conf files.
I also searched for a way to maybe set client headers on advanced
options, but was unable to find a way to do it there.

I'm wondering if there is a supported way of setting custom headers to
responses back to the client for a single proxy?


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