Attempting to establish ADFS as an IDP and NAM as a Service Provider.
Think I have it configured, so I try to use the "IDP Initiated SignON"
aspx provided by ADFS.
<amLogEntry> 2013-10-03T22:04:09Z DEBUG NIDS Application:
Method: XMLSignable.logEncryptInfo
Thread: http-bio-
[urnasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion-saml-EncryptedAssertion]s (1)
created using encryption cert [CN=*, O=Company Obscura,
L=Some City, ST=NY, C=US] having serial no
[3654666823078635966709666083731488961] </amLogEntry>

com.novell.nidp.common.xml.w3c.XMLException: Illegal key size

From the ADFS Docs, it says I could try to disable encryption on
claimes from ADFS, using a powershell command. PowerShell not available
on the ADFS box, so I'm holding off on that.

From this link... is suggested that the problem can be solved by making the service
provider capable of handling any length key. The example AM system is
OpenAM, not NAM... but is there a way of configuring NAM to accept
longer keys?

Or, is this an error that others have resolved more simply?