This is my situation:

We have a root Proxy Service, for example -https://mycompany.com-

Below that there are many applications configured in path-based
multihoming. For example the URL for the "APP1" application is

This application is configured with the "Remove path on fill" option
because the path "/app" doesn't exist on the webserver.

In the "APP1" application is a link like
https://mycompany.com/documents/doc1?a=sdasds&b=sadsad. This path should
be server by the root proxy service because there isn't any application
on "documents".

The problem is that the browser receive the URL
https://mycompany.com/app1/documents...dasds&b=sadsad and this URL
doesn't exists on "APP1".

We have solved it with a rewriter rule but we want to know if this is
the normal behaviour?

Many thanks,

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