I believe support for Access Manager 3.1 SP5 expires at the end of this
month. Looks like I'll have to move to Access Manager 3.2, so I am
considering my options. The official documentation indicates that I may
have to "migrate" rather than "upgrade" because all of my servers are on
SLES. However, there is the option of building a completely new system
in parallel and when it is ready, switching from the old to the new. If
I choose this path, I will lose all the credentials in secret store
(because I store these with the configuration and not in the user store
- I can't remember where I configured this or why!). I am also
concerned that I may have issues with the SAML2 service providers I have
set up. For example, if the Meta data changes as this is a new system,
then the service providers will need to be re-configured I imagine.
Does any one have any advice about these particular issues and are there
any other "gotchas" I should be aware of when building a new system? Or
would you recommend migration instead? Another reason for building a
brand new system is that I may have a corruption within the
configuration store and I do not want to migrate this as well. But
then, perhaps the migration would not "migrate" the corruption.
Any advice would be welcome.
Steve Tennant

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